Sunday, January 15, 2017

2017 Adventures in Fine Art

Snowbound in the studio for a week it was a great time to rework a painting from 2014 that never felt real. I was trying too hard to stylize my brushwork and it ended up looking cartoony. Now that I have resurrected the painting I enjoy looking at it.

North end of Agate Beach 18" x 24" oil on canvas

This one started as a plein air study this summer but the bottom rose was just a red smear. I gave it some definition without over painting the piece.

Roseys 10" x 8" study oil on board

Finding images to paint from my travels. This one is from 1998 in Italy.

Verona Stairs 14" x 11" oil on board

This is where Margaret & I spent our honeymoon:

Krista's Hacienda 20" x 16" oil on wood panel

Depoe Bay 12" x 24" oil on wood panel

Maddox 10" x 16" oil on board 

Painting with a group of plein air artists on Sauvie Island for a Memorial Day paint-out.  I really like painting with other artists like this.

Sauvie Oak 12" x 16" oil on board 

Clackamette Green 9" x 12" oil on board

Clackamette Trunks 11" x 14" oil on board

Meldrum Bank 14" x 11" oil on board

Garden Pots 11" x 14" oil on board

Ona Leaner 11" x 14" oil on canvasboard.